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Efficient and Effective

Human Capital Solutions

Human Capital Efficiency has built a customisable people management framework to enable the efficient and effective structure, development and reward of human capital.

Organisations spend considerable time and resources developing bespoke solutions that end up remarkably similar to those developed by other organisations. The physical and financial burden can be overwhelming.

Why re-invent the wheel?

Human Capital Efficiency's mission is to help organisations realise the benefit of customisable frameworks quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Clients


Jonathan Whitworth

Group HR Director Marine & Technology

Babcock International

Richard supported my PM in delivering a pan-Marine Sector integrated career band structure that has enabled the business to undertake more effective OD, talent management and workforce planning as well as providing transparent career pathway mechanisms to over 12,000 employees globally.

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Customisable Frameworks


Health and Design

Our Brand

Simplicity, consistency, transparency and fairness are at the core of everything we do.


We understand job architecture sits at the core of people management frameworks and integrates an organisations different HR initiatives.

Our belief is frameworks built from solid foundations that are simple and easy to understand, serve the employees and employer better than something overly technical and complex.

Our experience tells us organisations spend considerable time and effort developing bespoke job architectures that end up complex, inconsistent, costly, and carbon copies of other organisations.

We have built a standardised Global Job Catalogue to represent our values and sit at the core of our approach.

Why re-invent the wheel?

More about us


Our Approach


We align your jobs to our Global Job Catalogue.


And apply analysis to help you realise opportunity for improvement.


Which delivers efficient and effective human capital solutions.

Customisable job architectures that are scalable and reflect market best practise structures and approaches.

Processes and approaches to deliver the dynamic organisation: with appropriate 'levels of work' and 'spans of control'.

Rapid implementation of frameworks that is efficient and effective.

Enable employers to attract and retain top talent by offering career progression and development opportunity.

Integration of HR processes including: Career Development & Opportunity, Pay & Grades and Organisational Health & Design.

Defined pay and benefit policy reflecting and balancing: the job, the market and individual contribution.

Clarity of expectation: clearly articulated career pathways including job, skill & capability requirements.

Improved quality of development conversation between managers and individuals.

Why re-invent the wheel?

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Product & Services

Our Product: 

At the centre of our approach is the Global Job Catalogue. The Global Job Catalogue is the product of 20 years experience working with client organisations to deliver human capital solutions.

Global Job Catalogue

  • Excess of 500+ standardised jobs.

  • Organised into 25 job families and 50+ sub families.

  • 6 broad band structure accompanied with levels of work descriptors to aid understanding of grade structure and career pathway.

  • Each standardised job supported by a 1 page job profile.

Skills & Capabilities

  • ​A catalogue in excess of 70+ hard and soft skills, where each skill has typically 3 levels of complexity.

  • Critical skills aligned to each of the 500 standardised job profiles.


  • Supports simplicity, consistency, transparency &  fairness.

  • Provides a single source of truth that integrates different HR initiatives,

    • Reward (Pay & Grades)

    • Organisational Health & Design

    • Career Development

  • The Dynamic Organisation

    • Devolved accountability,

    • Clarity of accountability,

    • Speed of decision making,

    • Clear communication.

  • Employees know:

    • ​Where they fit,

    • What their opportunity is,

    • What they need to do to realise career ambition.

Our Services:

We customise our Global Job Catalogue to meet specific client needs and deploy client frameworks.

Because our approach is fully developed and customisable, our ability to build and deploy client frameworks is fast and effective.







  • Lattice career frameworks

  • Dual career pathways

  • Improved development conversations

  • Reward policy review

  • Internal pay analysis

  • Comparison to market pay

  • The Dynamic Organisation

  • Spans of control

  • Same level reporting