Human Capital Efficiency builds Job Architectures that give organisations a solution to problems associated with HR Frameworks.

Our approach provides a platform to deliver efficient & effective solutions to

problems associated with;





Our architectures and frameworks are consistent, transparent, easy to implement, and most importantly easy to understand​.

Our Brand

Product & Services




Our Brand

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What we stand for:

Simplicity, consistency, transparency and fairness are at the core of everything we do.

Our experience tells us that something built on solid foundations that is simple and easy to understand will serve the employees and employer better than something overly technical and complex.

Our view is that frameworks built on solid job architectures integrate and pull together the different HR initiatives and optimise the economic value of people for both employee and employer.

Our Stones & Horizon Image:

Our stones & horizon image is an analogy of our approach;

  • Our stones stacked on top of one another represent our job architectures & frameworks built on solid foundations.

  • Our horizon is about striving for improvements, it represents what could be achieved.

Why us:

We have experience working with FTSE 100 and 250 to SME's for over 25 years which provides us with a clear understanding of common problems and industry best practise.

We understand to develop a comprehensive job architecture internally is time and resource consuming, yet usually expensive to develop through external sources.

We offer an "off-the-shelf" solution tailored to your organisations needs and we challenge you to think differently and consider the bigger picture.

We take pride in delivering outputs in a cost effective and time efficient manner. 

Product & Services

Our Product: 

At the core of our approach is our Job Architecture. The Job Architecture is made up of our Global Job Catalogue, Skills Approach and Competency Approach

Global Job Catalogue

  • Excess of 500+ standardised job profiles.

  • Organised into 25 job families and 50+ sub families.

  • 6 broad band structure accompanied with levels of work descriptors to aid understanding of grade structure and career pathway.

Skills & Competency Approaches

  • Excess of 50+ behaviours, organised into quadrants to aid understanding.

  • In excess of 30+ skills, arranged to meet needs of different functional communities.


  • Supports simplicity, consistency, transparency &  fairness.

  • Provides a single source of truth that integrates different HR initiatives.

  • The Dynamic Organisation

    • Devolved accountability,

    • Clarity of accountability,

    • Speed of decision making,

    • Clear communication.

  • Employees know:

    • ​Where they fit,

    • What their opportunity is,

    • What they need to do to realise career ambition.

Our Services:

We deploy our Job Architecture typically to build client specific frameworks. Because the Job Architecture is fully developed, our ability to build and deploy frameworks is fast and effective.




Pay & Grades

  • Internal pay analysis

  • Comparison to market pay

  • Reward policy review

Organisational Design

  • Spans of control

  • Same level reporting

  • Improved management information

Workforce Planning

  • Define critical demand

  • Enhance workforce planning

  • Align strategic skills

Skill Gap Analysis

  • Compare skills availability to skills demand

  • Identify skill shortage

Career ​Frameworks

  • Dual career pathways

  • Lattice career frameworks

  • Dynamic organisation

Talent Acquisition

  • Promotion

  • Succession Planning

  • Recruitment


In summary, our Job Architecture sits at the centre of a number HR processes, frameworks & initiatives:


Jonathan Whitworth

Group HR Director Marine & Technology

Babcock International

Richard supported my PM in delivering a pan-Marine Sector integrated career band structure that has enabled the business to undertake more effective OD, talent management and workforce planning as well as providing transparent career pathway mechanisms to over 12,000 employees globally.