About Us

Human Capital Efficiency is a product and wholly-owned subsidiary of Venture Secure – a management consultancy working with FTSE 100 & 250 organisations, large UK & global organisations and SME’s, backed by 25 years’ experience.

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"My business experiences have become my hobby!"

Since founding Venture Secure over 15 years ago I have worked with large and small organisations and have had the privilege of meeting and working with many interesting and often challenging HR and business professionals.

I have worked in and come to understand and experience many interesting businesses and market sectors in the UK, Europe, Asia & the USA. My business experiences have become my hobby!

By background I am a graduate engineer, and before starting Venture Secure I worked as a Reward Consultant for a city consultancy, essentially building job grade structures for clients based on job evaluation. But with the advent of broad bands my clients were telling me job evaluation was an expensive hammer to crack a nut. My employer didn’t agree, and I left to start Venture Secure.


I have since continued to work with clients to deliver cost effective job-based schemes to meet a variety of business objectives around management structures, the dynamic organisation, job families and career frameworks. Over the last 10 years the offering has continued to develop and evolve into what is now known as Human Capital Efficiency.


As an associate of Venture Secure and Reward Analyst for Human Capital Efficiency, I help run both companies in unison with Richard.

A graduate scientist by background with experience in financial sales and business development, I am responsible for all marketing activity and analyses that underpins our insights and help deliver on project work.

The excitement of my role comes from the challenge and the breadth of responsibility. No day is the same.