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Why Is Maintaining Accuracy Of HR Data So Difficult?

There are a range of large HR systems on the market - SAP, Success Factors, Workday, PeopleSoft, Oracle etc. Implementing a new system represents significant change, and the desired outputs and benefits of the new system influence the structure and complexity of data held within the system.

A benefit of these systems is they provide line managers with greater access to information and self service solutions. But this requires line managers to acquire new skills and disciplines as they are often required to map data through implementation, and subsequently maintain and update the same data.

But herein lies the problem, to carry out their responsibilities and realise the benefits requires line managers to have a greater understanding of the system, which requires extensive communication, briefing and learning. However, when the pressure of the day job is significant, data upkeep becomes of lower importance and data corruption becomes inevitable.

Our experience tells us it is often better to minimise complexity as a more complex approach will fall into dis-repair and subsequent benefit of the investment is compromised.

Keep it simple, don’t overcomplicate the system solution.

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